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About the producer Phil Daub: A Viva TV moderator from its early days, Phil Daub spent 8 years in front of the camera during the 90s for the cult channel "Viva TV." Alongside Stefan Raab, Heike Makatsch, Oliver Pocher, and many other TV stars, he left an indelible mark on an entire generation of music enthusiasts.

Since 2005, Phil has worked as a voice artist for numerous prime-time TV shows, advertisements, movies, anime, and games.

Returning to the music scene 20 years after his last releases with major and indie labels (acts: Xel-Ha, Der Krieger, La Morena), this versatile electronic-pop musician is making a comeback independently, using digital distribution.

Electric Spirit label is excited to introduce you to the PhilPhilDaub Sound 2023. Expect a mix of pop, dance, house, synth soundscapes, driving beats, and catchy melodies.

There's a lot to explore in Daub's repertoire, ranging from cinematic 2-minute film compositions to radio-friendly pop tracks and powerful club beats.


  • "Extra Dance" - Laid-back dance/radio/cabrio-pop track.

  • "i hate the DJ" - Shredded guitar meets club beats. Released on 22.09.23.

  • "A Fuego" - Fiery Latino/dance vibes with a guaranteed earworm.

  • "2 be with u" - The perfect summer song.

  • "1984" - Daub's first melody, composed at the age of 16 in the 80s. A 2-minute synth-pop piece in an 80s retro style.

  • "Promise Q E D" - Explicit reggaeton/electronic smasher with powerful drums and an uplifting hookline.

  • "every time we kiss" - Energetic synthie-dance-pop work in two versions (King Sing Sing Mix or radio version).

  • "Die Essenz" - German-language poetic sonic fireworks with a very distinctive voice.


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